What are the alternatives of metal braces?

Orthodontic conditions

Orthodontic conditions and the desire to cure them are both about as old as humanity itself. The first – of course posthumously – described case of an orthodontic condition is believed to be the crooked teeth found in some human remains from over 50,000 years ago by archaeologists. Since then, many famous ancient physicians have described orthodontic conditions, however none of them were able to suggest suitable treatments for them. Orthodontics as a field started to establish itself only in the past 300 years. One of the greatest milestones of orthodontics was the invention of dental adhesives during the 1970s. This allowed the widespread use of the metal braces with brackets everyone knows today, as it became a cost-effective and widely available solution for orthodontic conditions. There are many different types of orthodontic conditions, however most of them can be treated with the traditional metal braces. As some patients associate aesthetic and comfortability issues with metal braces, many alternatives have since been developed by various companies. One of these alternatives becoming more popular by the day is that of the invisible aligner, Invisalign Leicester,

Metal braces

These are still the most popular choice, despite the fact that numerous alternatives have been developed since their inception. These braces consist of brackets and an archwire. The brackets are attached to the surface of each tooth. After this is done, the orthodontist leads the archwire through the small holes found in the brackets, and applies tension on the archwire to adjust the direction and the size of the force used to move teeth into their correct positions. Metal braces are widely used and are a low cost solution for orthodontic conditions. Their main benefit is that they are capable of treating almost every orthodontic condition regardless of its severity. Their main disadvantages are the comfort issues, the aesthetic issues and the metallic aftertaste experienced when they are used..


Invisalign is one of the most popular alternatives to metal braces. These are plastic moulds of a patient’s dental arches, therefore they fit on the teeth perfectly. They are made out of a transparent plastic, therefore they are hardly noticeable. Another important benefit of them is their improved comfort. The aligners have a smooth plastic surface, therefore they do not irritate or scratch the inside of your cheeks. The aligners are also removable, this means that you can both prevent them from getting stained and do not have to modify your diet in any way to accommodate for the use of permanent braces. It is also much easier to clean them, as you simply just have to remove them without the need for specific tooth brushes. An Invisalign treatment also does not use any ionising radiation during the planning of the treatment. The Invisalign iTero 3D records created from your mouth are done using visible light instead of X-rays. If you would like to get Invisalign treatment find a reputable dental practice with experience in these aligners to enjoy a seamless journey to straighter teeth.