How To Come To An Agreement Regarding Children Following A Separation

Divorce solicitors in London understand the impact that a separation can have on children, especially if the separation is lengthy and bitter. By focusing on the needs of the children and making their requirements a priority, the heart of the legal process can centre around them. Children should be of the utmost importance to all parties involved.

There are several things parents, other family members and other professionals who are associated with divorce proceedings can do to help a child deal with their emotions during this time. It is critical to minimise disruption to their normal routine and to confine negativity to private places to reduce any lasting emotional damage that the separation of their parents may inflict.

As divorce is a common occurrence, with around 42% of marriages ending in divorce, couples should learn to deal proactively with the situation rather than get caught up in feelings of guilt and stress regarding the impact that these decisions make on their children. By leading by example, the natural ebbs and flows of life can be gradually understood by children and other family members alike.

Some of the most frequently asked questions an individual has, when discussing the steps forward regarding their divorce proceedings, are those concerning their children. By committing to resolving family law disputes in a non-confrontational and constructive way, lawyers who are part of an organisation called Resolution, understand how distressing such disputes involving children can be and make it their aim to help former couples reach an agreement amicably.

It helps if couples agree to reach a consensus regarding who the children should live with, and when the other parent will be able to see them, in an understanding, respectful and kind way.  The best interests of the children are central. Whatever the reasons for the separation, children are entitled to see both of their parents if they are not put in any harm by doing so.


What if it isn’t so straightforward?

If the two parties are unable to reach an agreement for the children between themselves in discussions around the table, then lawyers can assist by offering all the alternative options that are available such as mediation and finally, court proceedings.

Whether the separating couple are both based in the UK or there is a need for cross-border arrangements to be made for international couples, experienced and knowledgeable solicitors are able to assist.

Multilingual experts are able to let all members who are affected by the proceedings to feel understood and heard. These international cases can be highly contentious due to the potential risk of child abduction and the sort.

By providing expert advice, counsel, support and representation for all parents who are negotiating international and national disputes regarding a divorce, and the subsequent matters regarding any children involved, a fair and just solution can be made. This can be done with minimal impact on the children who are involved, providing the best outcome for all parties involved.