Straighter Teeth Have Never Been Easier

Over an incredible 80% of people believe that their teeth look unattractive in photos. This leads to many people not smiling, which can have devastating impact on their psychological well-being as well as their social lives, as they struggle to interact naturally with other people.

One of the leading reasons as to why people believe their teeth are unattractive is because they are misaligned. Crooked, cramped, crossing or gappy teeth are very common, but are not felt to be entirely attractive in today’s society.

There are many reasons as to why a person has crooked teeth, a lot of it to do with genetics, jaw size or habits as a child, such as prolonged use of a pacifier or thumb sucking. A misaligned jaw can also be the culprit and needs to be corrected, usually when a child has all of their adult teeth, but their bones have not set yet in their teenage years.

Other factors such as poor dental care, hygiene or injury can cause either baby teeth or adult teeth to grow crooked or misaligned. The reason it is so important to have straight teeth does not simply come down to pleasing aesthetics.

Eating, chewing and speaking correctly can be hindered by teeth and jaws that are not in the correct position. There can be extra pressure placed on certain teeth as well, which may result in wearing down of the enamel or in severe cases, cracking and breaking of the teeth.

Braces in Barnsley seek to provide patients with a chance to have the straight white teeth that they have always dreamed of having. These teeth do not only need to belong to movie stars, everyday people can enjoy having a smile that they are proud to share with the world.

By listening to the feedback of millions of people, innovative techniques are now in place which allow for a more comfortable and discreet way to straighten teeth. By wearing clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth and gently push them into position, both teenagers and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of having their teeth professionally straightened, but do not have to live with the normal restrictions that regular devices have.

These trays are removable, meaning that patients are able to eat any food they wish to without concern. They simply need to brush their teeth after they have eaten, to avoid having any food trapped in between the tray and their teeth, causing bad breath due to the build up of bacteria.

This bad bacteria also causes plaque and tartar if it is left too long, which leads to tooth decay and tooth loss. The point is to make teeth look more beautiful, not have them fall out!

These clear aligners are worn for two weeks at a time, then a new set is supplied that takes the patient one step closer to the smile of their dreams. By using innovative technology that is able to digitally scan the teeth and gums so that dentists can create a visual representation of the process, patients are able to see in real time what they can expect from the treatment.

By speaking with a professional about the vast options that are available, patients will learn that they will be joining the millions of happy people who have straightened their teeth with this system.