Prevent tooth decay by upping the ante on your dental hygiene

It is common knowledge that poor oral hygiene coupled with a sugary diet leads to cavities, tooth loss, gum disease and bone infections. So if people know the dangers of not taking care of their teeth, why are they not listening?

The information might be out there, but oral health is not prioritised because it is generally not seen as serious if neglected. At the same time, the busy pace of life leaves little time to commit to our teeth, let alone find the time to visit a dentist in Mackay. That said, many of us are very much in the dark about the potential severe repercussions of not caring for our teeth and gums, until it is too late.

So how can you improve upon your oral health? Is it too late to save your deteriorating teeth? Find out more in the article below.

Make the time to see your dentist frequently

The recommended number of times that you should be seeing your local dental practitioner is twice a year. Some people find this unnecessary, but cavities and infections can progress quickly, so your dental practitioner should treat the issue before it becomes more challenging or progressed.

Hectic schedules and demanding work hours leave little time in the day for routine check-ups, which is why the office hours of dental practices have become more flexible. If you cannot see your dentist over lunch, try to squeeze in an appointment on a Saturday morning or ask your dentist to work after-hours.

Adhere to the basics, and teach your children to do the same

The most essential thing you can do is to brush your teeth twice a day for two to three minutes and floss.

Teeth cleaning rituals are undemanding, yet people fail to take care of their pearly whites because they are impatient or brush their teeth the wrong way.

You should brush your teeth in a circular motion to clean all surfaces of your teeth, including the small crevices where germs tend to hide, and do not forget to brush your gums. It is important to brush gently: brushing hard against your teeth can remove not only bacteria but also enamel. With damaged enamel, your teeth are left vulnerable and more susceptible to infection and decay.

When it comes to your child’s milk teeth, it is important to teach them about dental health and hygiene from an early age, so that they do not have to live with bad teeth resulting from negligence. Make teeth cleaning a fun family game with the winner being the person who brushes their teeth for the longest.

Choose the right dentist

Some dental practitioners might clean your teeth and send you on your way without educating you about dental hygiene best practices, and how to improve upon your brushing techniques. They should always provide advice on these issues and how to better your nutrition for the sake of your teeth, by informing you which foods to incorporate into your diet, and what to avoid.

Patients need to learn how to prevent future problems by changing how they clean their teeth today.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.