What are invisible braces, and why may I choose to have invisible braces in Luton?

Invisible braces are essentially a form of orthodontics, that are more discreet and subtle than traditional metal braces. Orthodontics come in a wide variety of forms, however they all aim for the same result; a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing smile. Despite common misconception, orthodontics are not just used to straighten the teeth, but also to correct overbites or underbites within the jaw.

People who decide to undergo orthodontics may suffer from crooked, or misaligned teeth in the mouth. Invisible braces refer to more discreet forms of orthodontics (such as clear aligners, and Inman aligners) and those who choose invisible braces rather than traditional metal braces may believe that obvious dental work could hinder their career prospects. Or patients who prefer invisible braces may simply suffer from low self-confidence and therefore feel better with more subtle braces.

Individuals who undertake to wear invisible braces may have previously undergone an alternative form of orthodontics at a younger age and may have failed to maintain their straight smile for one reason or another, possibly by not continuing to wear their retainer when advised to.

Are there a variety of forms of invisible braces?

Yes! Many individuals may believe that the only form of discreet braces are clear aligners, however there are in fact several alternative options within modern dentistry. Clear aligners could be argued as the most popular and discreet form of invisible braces, due to their total transparency, as well as a fast treatment time. Clear aligners work by slowly encouraging the teeth to move into a straight position, replacing the clear aligner trays every few weeks.

One other example of a more unobtrusive alternative to traditional metal braces are Inman aligners. Despite Inman aligners not being completely invisible, they are a far more subtle alternative to traditional metal braces.

How do Inman aligners in Luton work?

Inman aligners consist of two titanium coil springs that oppose each other, these coil springs are the main reason for the fast results. Inman aligners contain two aligner bows that push against each other, pushing against the front and the back of the teeth.

How long do Inman aligners take to produce a straighter smile?

One main benefit of Inman aligners are the rapid results produced in as little as six to eighteen weeks.

Benefits of the Inman aligner as an orthodontic option

Inman aligners are the perfect orthodontic option for individuals who suffer from crowding of the teeth, or protrusion of the front teeth. Despite Inman aligners not being completely transparent (like clear aligners) they contain minimal metal, and use clear plastic to support the teeth.

Nervous patients

Individuals might feel anxious when visiting their local dental clinic for a wide array of reasons, one of which may be a negative childhood experience. Patients who feel nervous when undergoing dental treatments should feel at ease when visiting their dental clinic, and most modern clinics have the means to relax their patients. Some examples of techniques to soothe patients’ nerves consist of hypnotherapy, as well as varying forms of dental sedation.