The rise of dental tourism in Budapest

Budapest, famous for its art, music, fascinating history, unique architecture, and endless attractions, is also where scores of foreigners visit for smile makeovers. Dental tourism combines the thrills of visiting a foreign country with an affordable means to attain your dream smile with implants and other types of major restorative procedures.


Why have dental treatment in Hungary?

The alarmingly high cost of dental work in the UK has resulted in people turning to other countries for tooth-saving procedures. Hungary is one of those places.

British patients who receive medical treatment from reputable clinics are reported to save up to 70% when compared to UK prices, which can include personal expenses, such as flights and accommodation.


What is the catch?

There is no catch, but it is in your best interest to conduct thorough research on potential clinics, because you do not want to be the victim of sub-standard cosmetic work in a foreign country!

One of the primary reasons, though, that these dental procedures are available at a fraction of the price is due to the lower cost of living in Budapest, Hungary. Prices at various Budapest practices align with what locals can afford to pay, also accounting for the cheaper overheads of clinics.

You should expect to receive the best quality of care administered by qualified doctors, without being charged a small fortune. On top of providing top-notch service, superior quality products are used, that are on par with their western European counterparts.


What types of treatments are offered?

From replacing to fixing teeth, a wide variety of procedures can be performed overseas. Typically, though, people travel to Budapest for complicated or large operations that are unaffordable in their own countries, and not for minor procedures, such as routine check-ups or replacing a crown or two.

Dental implants, a life-changing but costly procedure in Britain, are obtainable, without having to compromise on quality, in the professional hands of an experienced and skilled Budapest dentist.


Affordable with fast results

Having to use their holiday time is regarded as a potential pitfall of dental tourism for some people. But there is a misconception that completing treatment coupled with recovery spans a couple of weeks or months, which could not be further from the truth.

Even the most complicated procedure is completed in five to seven days, including bone grafts and sinus augmentation surgery. You can look forward to a smile transformation without having to wait long.

As a safety measure, though, when it comes to leave, book two weeks off work.  Having to travel when you are still in recovery is not advisable or pleasant. Plus, in a buzzing city like Budapest, you will need time to see the best attractions.


What else should I know?

From booking dental appointments and accommodation to scheduling flights, there is a lot you need to arrange for your trip. It is possible to do this by yourself, but hiring a dental agency to do all of this for you might be better. More expensive it may be to use a middle-man, but these dental experts know the best dentists in the city. All you have to do is show up!