Tips and advice for dental tourism

There are some things you should know if you are considering having dental treatments abroad. This type of decision requires careful planning and plenty of research to ensure that you are not only getting your money’s worth, but that you are having the procedure done at a reputable clinic. Prepare for your trip abroad with the following tips and advice.

Choosing your destination

Dental tourism is a global phenomenon, where people the world over are travelling across continents for the best and most affordable care they may not be able to get in their own countries of origin. Some of the most popular countries in which to receive dental procedures for a fraction of the cost include Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Hungary. Budapest dental is worth mentioning, as it is known for its string of top clinics, highly skilled doctors, and beautiful cultural attractions.

Read online reviews

Dental tourism is fast becoming popular, but for all the success stories you hear, there are some less than positive ones. Avoid being the victim of inferior treatments by reading people’s testimonials and recommendations online. You will find that, for the most part, these reviews are honest and unbiased.

Additional tips about finding a dentist

Window shop for the best clinic, compare prices and read past patient testimonials. Check out their social media pages to gauge how the clinic engages with their followers.

Confirm appointments

It goes without saying that you should book your appointment in advance. At the same time, you should also confirm that you are having the procedure done before you travel across the world. Most dental clinics involved in dental tourism have call centres, so phone ahead of time.

Make sure you have booked off enough leave

Including the treatment time for the procedure and the recovery that follows, you need to plan for 7-10 working days, but this time may vary according to the type of treatment and the pace at which an individual recovers. The last thing that you want to do is to miss a flight because you need to stay longer than expected.

Take someone with you

If you have ever received major dental treatments in the past, you will know that many of them include anesthesia, where post-treatment you may feel drowsy and tired. Travelling solo to other countries for treatment is not recommended for the reason explained above. Bring along a travelling companion, because you may need looking after post-procedure. At the same time, exploring a country by yourself might not be as much fun as having someone to share it with.


Exploring the benefits of dental tourism

If organised correctly, you can enjoy affordable procedures that are significantly cheaper than the same treatments in England. However, if you find a Budapest dentist who is reputable, affordable does not have to mean inferior. Not only can you improve your smile without breaking the bank, but you will also get a holiday out of the experience.

Country recommendation: Hungary

Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, is a vibrant city in Europe that boasts a wide variety of tourist attractions. Not only that, but its prestigious medical school generates the country’s top dentists, so your teeth are in good hands.