The top 5 things to look for in a service agreement when hiring professional IT Services

When purchasing any product or hiring a certain service, a Service Agreement is important to clearly understand the limitations and restrictions of a certain service. If you are a business looking to hire a professional IT services for your company, you should be aware of the specific IT solutions that they can offer for your business, and what they will give in return if those terms are not met during the agreement.

Here are the top five things you need to look for in a service agreement when hiring professional IT services.

  1. Provides fast and efficient customer support.

If any issues or problems arise on the customer’s’ side, it is important that they can easily reach Customer Support as soon as possible. Determine the parameters stated by the IT service providers. For instance, if they state in their service agreement that their customer support can be reached by customers in less than 30 minutes, but unable to deliver this, know beforehand what their promises are or if they will pay for the lost hours. The best IT services in Bristol provide great customer service and can be easily reached by calling.

  1. Provides remote and onsite support.

Certain circumstances such as intermittent or total disruption of service require an immediate response from an IT professional. Know if they provide immediate remote support and if in any case the server shuts down, know the time frame they promise for onsite support. There are critical agreements that you should look for prior to hiring an IT service provider.

  1. Determine if they provide product warranties.

Most service providers provide a warranty on the products they sell, and like many others, there is a specific time frame on when it usually begins and expires. This is one of the most important things to look for in a service agreement prior to hiring a professional IT service provider. Determine the type of coverage they provide on their warranty and if they provide replacement on the hardware and other tools you have used during the agreement.

  1. Know the payment terms.

Like all other business, a proper payment term is necessary so that both parties will properly be compensated for the services rendered. There should be a clear communication on how a payment is expected and other conditions such as the preferred payment method, terms for early payments, and the repercussions for late payments.

  1. Determine their performance consistency.

Network speed and availability is what usually what you need in your business among others. You may be running a lot of applications for your business, and while they do not require high performance all the time, there should be a consistency of the performance for smooth operation in your business. Look out in your service agreement on how the IT service provider supplies their performance in case emergency arise. These are inevitable scenarios and know their commitment beforehand. This should be one of the major deciding factors when choosing professional IT services.