Facts about HIV/AIDS and Children


 There has been a reduction in the number of new HIV infections among children below 15 years since 2002. However, there are still more than 700 children infected every year and millions affected by the disease due to the impact it has on the family. With more than 2.6 million children living with HIV to date, a lot of research has been dedicated to reduce transmission of the disease from pregnant mothers to their unborn child.

Most infections are mother to child transmissions

Most children living with HIV got it from their mothers while they were pregnant, breastfeeding or during childbirth. When children are born with HIV, 1/3 of them do not reach their first birthday if ARV treatment is not administered immediately after birth. Unfortunately, all new mother-to-child infections could be avoided but lack of resources, trained staff and funding especially in the developing nations is a challenge.

Cultural norms expose children to AIDS

In up to 52 countries around the world, girls below 15 are married off by their parents. This makes them sexually active at a young age and increases the risk of sexual transmission of this infection. Research shows that girls are at a higher risk of HIV infection when they practice sex from a young age. This is because they are likely to have unprotected sex or be coerced by older partners.

Over 20 million children are orphaned by HIV

One of the most heartbreaking impacts of the AIDS epidemic is the impact it has on children. There are communities that have lost generations because of the disease. By 2015, the United Nations reported that 15.1 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa have been orphaned by HIV. Countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa are the most affected. This explains why there have been many programs to support vulnerable children in Africa and their caregivers.

Access of ARVs can save children’s lives

The World Health Organization reported in 2013 that children below the age of 5 who are infected with HIV should receive antiretroviral treatment in order to reduce their likelihood of death. Getting ARV treatment immediately can reduce the likelihood of death by 75% if treatment is administered within the first 12 weeks after birth. The unfortunate thing is that ARV treatment is inaccessible in developing countries and 76% of children are not able to receive it. In some cases, the caregivers are forced to give children their adult drugs which risk them taking too much or too little of the medicine.


Author Bio:

Maggie Martin is completing her PhD in Cell Biology, works as a lab tech for Mybiosource.com and contributes content on Biotech, Life Sciences, and Viral Outbreaks. Follow on Twitter @MaggieBiosource

Effect Of Nootropics In Boosting Your Memory


There are various nootropics and brain boosting supplements in the market which supplies information to its users about how to enhance the energy levels and mood, increase your brain power and improve its retaining capacity. Each of these supplements contributes in a slightly different way than the other serving different purpose of the user. Boosting the memory with the help of nootropics is a common goal for many but it is important to know which of them are specifically designed to have a direct effect on the brain . No matter how effective a supplement might be, it is always necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle. These are a class of nutrients which increase the supply of neurotransmitters as well as other neurochemicals involved in brain signaling related to recall and memory formation. While consuming a particular supplement individually can provide remarkable effects, stacking some of them together can also provide pronounced results on the efficient functioning of the brain.


The working mechanism

Most people are uncertain about the effectiveness of brain boosting supplements including Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine on human body as the promise made by these supplements seem too excellent to be true. For this you need to understand that they don’t make you more intelligent, but only helps to make up the flaws in your body, the general performance of your brain and your brain fitness. You can feel its benefits only if you take them for sufficient time. There are billions of neurotransmitters and synapses that control your mind, mood and your ability to focus. Increasing or decreasing some chemicals within your brain can positively affect the circulation of information, resulting in better performance in the areas of awareness. They increase the blood flow to your brain which accelerates the recall and focus functions. With the application of low amounts of this supplement loss of neurons, which results in growing older, can be definitely slowed down to a great extent.

The medicinal effects of brain boosters

The ability of the brain to remember both short-term and long-term facts can be increased by increasing the level of neurotransmitters and overall responsiveness and plasticity of the brain. You can improve the performance level of your brain either through the use of natural compounds like herbs, vitamins and minerals or through the use of cognitive enhancers or nootropics including Ginkgo Biloba and Vinpocetine which are quite popular in the market for brain boosting supplements. Supplements like Ginkgo show promising results for treating Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. It is also known to improve the retaining capacity for users aged 85 years and above. On the other hand, supplements like Vinpocetine increases the flow of blood to the brain enhancing its use of oxygen thereby protecting the brain from free radical damage. But whatever be the supplement used for memory enhancement it should be used with extreme caution and avoided under certain circumstances, otherwise can lead to serious negative impacts on the body of the user.

Repercussions Of Neglecting Your Dental Health

Americans are some of the healthiest individuals in the entire world. Doctors throughout the country remain busy around the year. However, there is one key area, which tends to be lacking. Many Americans neglect their oral health and this can prove to be incredibly problematic. Those that do not take preventive and corrective measures will wind up spending excessively in the future or losing their teeth prematurely. Below, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the repercussions involved with neglecting your oral health.


Increased Potential For Pain and Suffering

Nobody wants to suffer from excruciating pain, yet many people will still avoid the dentist for whatever reason. Failing to visit your dentist regularly will drastically increase your risks for gum disease and tooth decay. Both problems can result in immense pain. Visiting your dentist every 6 months can help to reduce the potential for both and could very well help you avoid future suffering.


Enormous Costs

Many American consumers avoid the dentist, due to the potentially expensive costs. Although this may save them money upfront, it could lead to even more enormous costs in the future. Allowing the health of your teeth to diminish substantially will require you to seek more drastic rectifications in the future. This will also elevate the costs more than you could ever imagine. A root canal could cost upwards of $2,000 or more. Avoid future expenses, by better caring for your teeth now and visiting your dentist regularly.


Maintain A Beautiful Smile

Appearance is crucial and there are numerous elements that make up the entirety of your aesthetics. Suffice to say, your smile can tell a lot about you as an individual. A beautiful, white smile will let people know that you care about yourself and put a lot of effort into your appearance. Keep your appearance up to par with regular visits to your dentist and make sure you brush and floss as instructed by your primary dentist. To learn more about maintaining your smile, be sure to check out http://www.choicedentalcentre.com/ right away.


Why Not Try the All Powerful 3 Day Military Diet

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

For a long time, we have been told of hundreds of weight loss strategies that one can use. While a good number are amazingly effective, there are those that are just bogus. Weight loss is something that a majority of the population is fighting today. One of the seemingly unconventional methods used is this 3 day diet which incorporates military training tricks to make it more effective.

When you hear of a 3-day weight loss program, you might be a little bit skeptical. However, after reading this post you will realize that besides the program being effective, it is also fun. You really don’t need to follow a diet which makes you eat food by the millimeter or by the kilojoule for weeks; all you have to do is embrace this program fully. You will not be forced to buy supplements which at times end up being more expensive than the real food when you use the other weight loss programs.

There is the long-standing saying which goes, ‘no pain, no gain’. Well, with the 3-day military diet program, this saying is very true. You will perform some crazy boot camp antics, but which are thrilling if not fun filled. You will also have to be open to biting into some rather non-tasty foods. Still, the whole experience will prove fun, effective and for most people repeatable.

The one thing that you will love about this very unique 3-day diet program is the time it takes. Other programs take weeks or even months at any one time for any reasonable results to be realized. Many times, people are not that patient. You really don’t want to wait as if you are holding a vigil for something miraculous to happen. You need to be able to get angry when that favorite blue pair of jeans fails to fit and after a week, you get to stroll the streets in it; that’s how marvelous this diet is.

While a person who wants to cut down their excess waist fat should have the persistence, patience and willpower, so as to achieve their dream, it can be quite punishing if one expects them to hold on for months. As with the 3-day diet, your willpower will not be overly tested. You just need enough commitment to sustain you for a few days and the excellent results will follow. Moreover, this program is built around simple daily foods which are quite affordable.

Some of the dos and don’ts about this diet

  • Do follow the prescribed plan word for word. Do not negate at any point. You want that skinny shapely body back. After all, isn’t it just a 3-day program?
  • Don’t try to compensate for foods not eaten after you are done with the diet. It can be expected that after you are done with the diet that you will jump back into your rather unhealthy way of eating. The recommended calories per day, at least, the rest of the week or until you reach your goal is to consume 1,500.
  • Don’t eat snacks. Well, with other dieting programs, you are encouraged to eat snacks every so often. However, with this 3-day diet program, you should stick to the 3 daily meals outlined therein.
  • Do add an extra 100 calorieson your diet if you are a man. Men’s bodies require more calories than those of women.
  • Do have a lot of willpower. You will have a lot of hunger moments throughout the stipulated daysfor  You should hold on and remind yourself that you want to achieve a better looking you. Your esteem will also improve greatly the moment you achieve your weight loss goal.

Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean

Office Cleaning Tips

A clean office enhances the smooth running of a business and keeps employees happy and healthy. This may be hard to believe but in reality, it improves productivity because every item is in its rightful place thereby making the office well organized for business. Also, to a large extent, a clean office improves creativity and focus. Yes, this is very correct, as workers are sure to remain focused without being distracted by the crumbs on their keyboard.


With a clean office, good health is improved because there are reduced germs as well as rodents and pests  everything is properly disinfected and sanitized. On a final note, the reputation of your business is not endangered when your office is clean. It gives everyone who walks in the impression that your company is organized and efficient. So if you are thinking of how to make your office look clean, here are some helpful cleaning tips that can ensure that for you.


Stock your closet with all the essential cleaning products for your office. These include microfiber wipes, paper towels, dusting spray, glass cleaner etc. Also, ensure that your employees are reminded and aware of your cleaning procedures by including a simple chart that presents common office cleaning tips.  Steve from Carolina Office Cleaning in Charlotte says that even if you do your own cleaning, you should bring in a commercial cleaning company periodically for a full top to bottom cleaning of your office.


Ensure that every item in your office has its own place and leave it that way. If you think you would experience trouble remembering their location, do well to label their positions.

  1. Have a limited number of items on your desk. It will be difficult to spread out your work with excess clutter. Delegate anything that is not always in use to another location such as business cards, paper clips, an extra calendar etc.
  2. Wipe your keyboard and monitor daily with special wipes that are specially made for them. They can be found in most office supply and electronics stores. Please make sure that the keyboard is dried before putting it to use.
  3. Endeavor to clean your office phone regularly. This can be done by wiping the phone with a neat cloth that is sprayed with cleaner. Wipe down the dial pad with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  4.  Ensure to keep bugs at bay by vacuuming areas where people eat and taking out the trash regularly.
  5. At least, a day in each month should be assigned as “Kitchen clean-out day.” During this day, leftover food in the fridge should be thrown away except if they have long expiry dates like olives or ketchup.
  6. Dirty dishes should not be kept, immediately after every meal all dishes in the break room should be properly washed and dried. To avoid overcrowding on the dish rack, choose a specific day in a month to appoint employees to put away any dried dish.

Selling At Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers Market Produce

The Farmers Market is a great place to sell your food because people are coming out to shop, to eat, and to not worry about the slightly exaggerated prices. There are dozens upon dozens of booths, selling all sorts of organic foods, grilled foods, raw foods, anything your heart can desire. So when folks come to the farmers market, they usually don’t have a specific cuisine in mind, they want to follow their noses and their whims. Organic produce, gluten free baked goods and local artisan foods are all very popular items at any farmers market.

So it’s up to you, the food vendor, the attract the people to your booth, and let their stomachs and taste buds choose you over everyone else.

But how?

The first thing you need to do is catch people’s attention. This can be done with the sweet smells of your fare wafting in the summer breeze, but if you rely on that you will soon be in the back of the pack, tossing all your unsold food at the end of the day, wondering where you went wrong. The first step toward getting someone to buy your food is having them know you’re there, and attracting their attention and piquing their interest. We suggest getting something like these pop-up banners and other visuals that will capture passing traffic. A passer-by will see your visuals and at least come over to your stand, where you’ll be able to engage them and sell them on your specific offering.

Farmers Market

You also want to make sure that if they do decide to buy from you, that the service is quick and efficient. If you sell the best food but it takes 5 minutes to prepare and serve, you’re going to have a tough time attracting repeat customers. And remember, these farmers market goers like to go almost every week, and they will definitely return to a booth that they loved. Do as much prep work as you can before hand, and make sure your food is easy to serve. A line is good as it shows that your booth is popular, but a quickly moving line is best. If it means hiring someone to accept payments, or someone addition to serve, do it, because an efficient food stand is one that will have return customers, and customers who talk up your food to others.

You should also never underestimate the power of the free sample. It’s a percentage game of course – you can’t expect and shouldn’t expect anyone to sample your food to come right over and buy a plate of it. But you will certainly attract some customers and the cost of samples is well worth even just a few new eaters. These new eaters will likely become repeat customers and pay off the minimal expenditure of the free sample in short time. Much like a banner display, if you can put someone out a bit away from your booth offering samples, you will direct new people to your food that may have never known you existed.

Lastly, make sure your food is amazing. That should go without saying, but if it’s amazing, people will find out about it. That’s the bottom line.

Top 5 Brain Supplements to Help Students Focus Better


Lack of attention, impulsive action, hyperactivity etc has emerged as serious blights affecting a student’s ability to stay focused. The proliferations of smart gadgets with their constant chimes and social media alerts have further worsened an already alarming situation. Not surprisingly, students and parents alike are looking for ways that will help in improving focus and mental acuity.

Brain supplements have been one of the more popular ways to improve concentration. These supplements typically promise a range of benefits including improved focus, reduced mental fatigue, enhanced memory and recall and a faster processing speed among others. However, it is also an unfortunate truth that the market for brain supplements is flooded with unscrupulous operators offering substandard products. How does, then, an unsuspecting buyer make sure that he is getting the right supplement for his or her needs?

The key lies in doing your homework, so that you buy a genuine product, one that has proven scientific research backing its efficacy in helping students focus better. In particular, look out for the following ingredients when you shop for brain supplements the next time, as they have been proven to be efficacious.

1) Piracetam: Arguably one of the most researched nootropics, Piracetam has been noted to improve blood circulation in the brain as well as augmenting neurotransmitters. Although, the results have been more striking for older demographics, there is a noticeable improvement in cognitive abilities of young subjects as well. Often used as a control substance or a benchmark against which newer brain supplements are tested, Piracetam are perhaps the most widely used ingredients in proprietary supplements.

2) Omega-3: Omega-3 containing fish oil supplements have been a rage among both researchers as well as the consuming public. In terms of scientific and medical research, the focus has been on the ability of omega-3 fatty acid to significantly stem the spread of Alzheimer’s disease. While there is no comprehensive study that compares omega-3 fatty acid against a placebo to determine its effect as a memory boosting supplement, the market is flooded with supplement formulas promising a variety of benefits including improved cell fluidity and reduced inflammation.

3) L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is a constitutive ingredient of an amino acid, the building blocks of protein. Scientific evidence in its support exists in the form of studies suggesting boost in memory among patients of Alzheimer’s disease. There are further studies on this ingredient that suggest they are moderately effective among children suffering from ADHD. This is yet another popular ingredient in a lot of brain supplements.

4) Vitamins: Certain vitamins have a proven credential when it comes to improving memory. For example, Vitamin E has been proven in its role to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin B-6 and B-12 has also been found effective in helping students suffering from ADHD. While Vitamin D does not have a direct correlation in helping subjects suffering from ADHD, several studies have noted its salutary effect on certain bodily processes that help ameliorate the condition.

5) L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine, an amino acid, helps through replenishing the low levels of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter, in your brain. Typically, an individual feels sluggish and mentally exhausted when there is a dip in the level of this neurotransmitter. Intake of this ingredient keeps you mentally alert, and improves your overall cognitive level.

A Best Way to Overcome Your Hair Loss

Hair Loss

The field of hair transplant and restoration has had a chequered history. From the days of punch grafting by Dr. Norman Orentreich to the present day techniques of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), this field has witnessed several new advancements. The advent of FUE has made the dream of no visible scarring’ on the scalp a reality. In FUE technique, individual hair follicles are extracted one-by-one from the donor area. These hair follies are implanted in the balding area using the traditional Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) technique. There are several reasons for growing popularity of FUE. Some important reasons are:

  1. Most people prefer FUE to other hair restoration treatments is because it does not leave any major scars on the head.
  2. FUE is a reliable procedure and highly effective. Also, the healing is quick and you can get back to work next day with FUE.
  3. This procedure gives natural looking results and most people will not be able to tell that you had a hair transplant surgery.
  4. It is a pain-free procedure and you won’t need any stitches after the procedure is complete.
  5. FUE is recognized throughout the world for its consistent and natural results. The hair follicles are placed by the healthcare provider in such a manner that they leave you with a head that is full of hair.
  6. Most people avoid hair transplant surgery because there is a high risk of infection after the surgery. However, when you opt for FUE, the risk of infection is minimal.
  7. The quality of hair transplanted using FUE is no different from your natural hair. It is difficult to tell the difference between transplanted and natural hair because everything will blend in naturally


Cost of FUE hair transplant

First of all, before you going to do hair transplant, you should know about the Cost of FUE hair transplant and then you can go further. So, all you need to do choose best and cheapest Hair transplant service. This is important one.

If you shop around for the cheapest deal then remember – there is no such thing as offers or bargains when it comes to a procedure that can change your life. If you find a healthcare provider offering a deal that too good to be true, then it probably is. The results of the hair transplant surgery will be poor and you may need another hair transplant to rectify the mistakes of the surgery.

If you pay a low price for the surgery, you will be paying for bad results and low quality service. Many people who have opted for the so-called bargain procedures’ have been left with several noticeable holes on their scalp. This is mainly due to transplanted hair falling out and never growing back again.

If you are planning to undergo FUE hair transplantation, you must understand there is no fixed price for the procedure. On an average, the prices start from £990. However, if a bigger area needs to covered, you will have to pay more. Some important factors that affect the cost of hair transplant procedure include:

  1. Pre and post-operative care
  2. Quantity and Quality of hair follicles
  3. Ease of Extraction
  4. Extraction method used
  5. Size of balding area
  6. Size of each follicle
  7. Number of people in the medical team
  8. Desired density

Don’t opt for the Cheapest

If you planning to undergo hair transplantation, you must understand that hair restoration is no different from other plastic surgical procedures such as a facelift or rhinoplasty. Like a facelift, this procedure is difficult to perform and the results of the surgery are permanent. The results of hair restoration depend on the skills of the surgeon and the talent and experience of the technician who will work with your hair follicles. It is not a branded product you can buy from a supermarket or a local store. So make sure you check out the experience of the surgeons and their team before you use their service.

If the healthcare provider is getting you involved in the details of the surgery and number of hairs to be relocated, it may be to distract you from important things such as experience, training, and background of the practitioner. Some healthcare providers may use untrained staff which can lead to disastrous results.

Final Thoughts

As with any other cosmetic surgery, cost is not the only factor you must consider when undergoing hair transplantation. The qualification and experience of the doctor, individual attention, safety provisions, and of course the result are all important factors you must consider. Comprehensive hair restoration involves intense light therapy, vitamins and medical management, and post-operative hair productions. So make sure your healthcare provider offers these facilities before using their service.


Using Medical Tourism to Protect Your Retirement Savings

For most retirees, and those nearing the age of retirement, finding new ways to maintain and stretch their nest eggs is essential. When an unplanned medical issue threatens to ruin years of careful financial planning, the results can be devastating. It is tragic when so many seniors are forced into making the difficult decision of receiving the healthcare they need, or facing the possibility of running out of money much earlier than they anticipated.

There is one growing solution to the problem of the high cost of quality healthcare in the U.S. which many retirement-minded people are turning to. This solution is medical tourism.


What is medical tourism and why is it a smart choice for those nearing retirement?

There are many misconceptions surrounding the meaning of medical tourism, and for some it has acquired an undeserved dubious reputation. But medical tourism has been around for a long time and the  simple definition of medical tourism is when a patient travels for the sole purpose of receiving healthcare. While domestic medical tourism exists within the US, the majority of medical tourists go overseas to receive treatment.

There are many reasons for choosing medical treatment abroad as an alternative to US-based medical care. Often the biggest factors in making the decision to seek healthcare abroad is based on the substantial savings it provides patients. Choosing to go abroad for medical care can save patients up to three-quarters of the cost of having the same procedure performed in the United States. These savings can make a real difference for a retiree on a fixed income and/or without adequate insurance to cover a needed procedure.

Not only will medical tourism save money during retirement, but it may also help seniors retire sooner. Many people delay retirement out of fear of lack of funding to cover unexpected and costly medical expenses. Their fears are somewhat justified, as medical debt in the U.S. is the leading cause of bankruptcy. However, medical tourism helps to decrease medical costs, which decreases the amount of funding needed to retire comfortably.

Medical tourism also offers one particularly important benefit for seniors: the ability to receive medical care which is not currently available in the US. While the Food and Drug Administration’s goal is to protect the welfare of all Americans from untested and potentially harmful medical treatments, the approval process for new treatments takes time. For many seniors with life-threatening illnesses, it is time which they don’t have. Many potentially life-saving and life-improving experimental and established treatments are performed each year, and available now, in foreign countries. Many seniors find the benefits of an overseas treatment outweighs the risks of undergoing a non-FDA approved procedure.


Is overseas medical treatment a suitable option for me?

Medical tourism is a great option, but it is not always the best one for every senior. If you are considering going abroad for medical treatment, it is critical to have a frank discussion with your current health providers, as well as your family. Although the final decisions about your health are your own, getting input from those who care about your well-being is helpful.

In addition to feedback from your family and doctors, you should ask yourself these questions before choosing medical tourism:

  • How quickly do you need the procedure performed? Medical tourism which demands travel to a foreign country may require obtaining a visa, booking flights, arranging pre- and post-procedure accommodations, and researching foreign healthcare facilities. Many countries with a strong medical tourism industry make this as easy as possible. Mexico, for example, is a booming medical tourism country that is a closeby option for Americans and Canadians.
  • Have you developed a plan for aftercare once you have returned to the US? When your procedure is complete abroad, it is essential to have access to aftercare in the US. Speak with your doctors to determine if they will be able to provide follow-up care, including medications, once you return home.
  • Are the benefits of medical tourism really worth it for you? While medical tourism can save money and provide access to more medical treatments, it is important to decide for yourself if medical tourism is right for you.


Use your retirement funds to enjoy your golden years, not to pay costly medical bills!

Expensive medical bills don’t have to eat away your retirement funds. Medical tourism is a growing solution that provides safe, less expensive treatment. Over 1 million Americans sought medical treatment abroad last year, will you be the next one?

5 Ways To Help Whiten Your Smile

With today’s modern society so obsessed with photographs, selfies photo-bombing and more, it is no surprise that people are turning to the internet for ways to whiten their smiles. Many people are already self-conscious of their smiles, either due to cigarette stains, general bad hygiene or they just have a few wonky teeth. If you want to get a whiter smile, it is important to take good care of your teeth to start with, but there are also a few things you can do to help make your smile a little brighter.


  1. Brush, Floss, Mouthwash

We start off with the big three, because how can you expect to get a winning smile without first taking good care of your teeth? Electric toothbrushes with a rotating, oscillating head are better for removing more plaque than normal toothbrushes and they also time your brushing sequence so that you know when to stop.

Flossing, although at first a little painful, is essential in ensuring good healthy teeth and gums. Make sure to floss right down to the gums and not just in between the teeth, as food can hide between the teeth and the gums.

To finish it all off and get rid of food particles, mouthwash using a whitening or non-alcoholic mouthwash. You can use a plain mouthwash or a flavoured one, and the lack of alcohol will not kill friendly bacteria which are essential in preventing bad breath.

  1. Chew Sugar Free Gum

One of the reasons we have saliva is that it plays a major part in keeping our mouths sanitary. As we get older, our saliva glands produce less saliva, however chewing gum helps to stimulate these glands and works in keeping your mouth clean. Sugar free gum is also essential as you don’t have extra harmful additives that damage your teeth.

  1. Use a straw/hot straw

When drinking anything other than water, it is a good idea to use a straw as this can prevent the teeth from staining. This is particularly the case in caffeinated drinks, although most straws will melt if you try this out! There are specially designed hot straws available for hot tea and coffee which you can use and re-use, which will prevent the caffeine from touching and staining your teeth.

  1. Add a bit of baking soda

If you want a good abrasive clean of your teeth, try adding a little bit of baking soda to your toothbrush before brushing. The baking soda will react to the saliva in your mouth, effectively removing any surface stains from your teeth, thus making them appear whiter. You can also make a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice, leave it on your teeth for about a minute and then wash off gently, for a more immediate whitening solution. Do not do this too often as the abrasive solution can be harmful to your teeth.

  1. Cut down on the fizzy drinks and eat crunchy fruits and vegetables

Too much sugar, not enough hydration and now they rot your teeth and affect your smile! When will cola and other fizzy drinks get a break? In order to help solidify your teeth whitening plan, cut down on the fizzy drinks entirely or at least use a straw and eat a nice amount of crunchy fruits and vegetables. These will help to prevent the build-up of stains, and they are also good for you!

So there you have it. Five quick and easy tips that will help you bring your smile back into line, without having to resort to teeth whitening products. However if you are still desperate and nothing else seems to work, teeth whitening solutions are available in short term packages and long term packages to suit all kinds of budgets, you just have to know where to look. We wish you the best of luck in starting to regain your winning smile!

Article provided by Precision Dentistry; a professional aesthetic dentistry practice with a clear focus on creating perfect smiles in Glasgow. Established and managed by BACD member Attiq Rahman, for over twenty years.